Monday, May 2, 2011

cute stripes nail design

It's finals week and I'm stressed. I've been studying all weekend, so I took a break this morning and painted my nails while I made granola (more on that later).

It's super simple. Basically, here's the colors I used:

You can just ignore that gold one on the right. I didn't end up using it. Anyway, I just bought that Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish the other day and was eager to use it. It's wonderful! It took one coat to get the purest opaque color ever! I also used Freja by Zoya (my favorite brand. ever.) which is actually a metallic polish, so it needs 2 coats. Here's a picture after the base coat and first coat of color:

I've found that when painting nails with two colors, it adds a nice accent if one nail is painted opposite of the others. Anyway, I let them dry, added a second coat to the silver, and painted the stripe. The Insta-Dri dried a little too quickly, so it ended up bumpy, but here's a picture:

As you can see, I just painted a thick stripe diagonally across the nail. This design is very forgiving and allows you to fix any wavy lines by going back over it or making it wider. Just as a general guideline: when you paint your nails with a design, it's best to leave one or two nails solid. Otherwise it might end up looking tacky.

Done! Personally, I prefer to not have symmetrical hands (accent nails and solid nails on the same fingers), but it's all in how you like it. Also, just ignore the nail polish I got on my fingers. I may have been a little careless, since it washes off easily =)


  1. Lovely nails & color combo! Its so much much to experiment.Keep it up! By the way, Good Luck for your exams!!

  2. Great meeting you throught the Etsy Interactive Blogging Team!
    Painting my nails is a definite de-stresser for me, too!
    Good luck on exams!

    Mary C. Nasser

  3. Nice nails :-)

    Thank you cor commenting on my animal photographs for day 31. I had a great time on safari :-)

    Stephie from

  4. these are super cute! I love painting my nails with designs too, Ive done 3 polka dots offcenter at the tip, it turns out cute :) also I love using "konad" nail art stampy things, theyre awesome! I get loads of compliments on them.... sorry to look like Im plugging a brand! Its just so rare that I come across someone else whos as into nail painting as I am!
    anyhow, great job! love em!